Saturday, February 10, 2007


Ahhh what a meal.. the room was lovely but loud!

I started with the foie gras special served with an empanada of boursin cheese and blackberries... it was delightful beyond words and sorely missed... this foie gras ban in Chicago is for the birds... and I don't mean the ducks and geese. I enjoyed this with a sauternes. Fun Daddy started with a glass of pinot noir and steak tartare... oh yummy.

For dinner? Well Fun Daddy had the tourenedos of beef with garlic mashed potatoes and and red pepper sauce.. oh with a couple of gently fried shrip on the side... Me? I went traditional.. the bone-in Delmonico steak (my favorite cut) with Emeril's own special rub on it! Bam! What a tastey treat.

For dessert? Fun Daddy went with the Banana cream pie and a lovely port (ruby of course) I had pear tarte with gingerale icecream. oh.. and Calvados... a 1948 Coeur de Lion... sigh.

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