Thursday, May 03, 2007


Wonder Kitchen powers... ACTIVATE!

I had to spend a lot of time in house today waiting for the Empire Carpet man to give me a hosing, um.... cough, estimate for a basement full of berber carpeting.

So after, measuring every window and closet in the place, I started goofing around in my kitchen. Stupid stuff. How to turn on the water in my complicated faucet... Yes, I figured it out.

Then I started in on the refridgerator... Or, more specifically, the ice maker, which has been an obsession for Fun Daddy. Is the water hooked up properly? Maman? Can you check on that? Well, consider the matter settled. I opened the door of the fridge side, pressed the button that says "ICE" and listened to the sound of water running into the system. Yes, it was that simple. A couple of hours later? Cubes! CUBES!!!!!

This left one final test... Yes, I did it.

I turned on the stove. Oh, that blue flame was beautiful...

I want to cook on it!


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