Friday, August 10, 2007

An old entry

As I go through my files I find a ton of pictures from before we left for vacation.

Here are some pictures that I took after BlogHer... and I am experimenting with photographing my lunches and dinners...

This lunch was taken at David Burke!

Here we are drinking Kung Fu Girl Riesling.


Blogger MMH said...

I am so technically challenged that I lost my comment to you before I could submit it, so here goes again. Love your food photos. I've been taking more and more photos of plates of food, eaten and uneaten.
And I love your descriptions of your trip to the far end of Long Island - I laughed out loud. Again, I am so untechnical that I can't find your email or find a way to respond to your comments on my blog. Hope you'll tell me how to do that. Glad I met you at Blog Her in Chicago. Keep writing about food and family - I love hearing about it.

1:04 PM  

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