Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Bird Brain!

Photo: Via: Sweet and Sour Spectator

I guess that is isn't a surprise to disclose that I love the Food Network. Yes, my secret love, Alton Brown is the host and he displays his geeky cuteness and geeky knowledge all together. Sigh.

But today's episode really did take the cake.

It was the challenge between Mario Batali and challenger, Chris Cosentino.

Now, the thing is that I will eat just about anything. I think you may have seen pictures of me and know that is the truth. But escargot ran through a meat slicer? Ok, I get that it made it easier to slice, but I saw it! It looked nasty. The sauce that it was mixed with looked tasty and I love home made pasta. But still. ew.

And then? The squab. I love squab. I know that they are different from the nasty rats with wings that you get in any major city. And I know that there WERE no pigeons or squab in North America until they were introduced by some (likely) homesick Brit, who expected to eat the food of his childhood. That being said, taking the feet, wings and skulls of the little fuckers and then eating them is kind of nasty. Particulary when the little deep fried claw is holding a garlic clove (our secret ingredient) and that you are supposed to suck the brains of the squab out of it's little head. Ok. Not face to face, but rather from the back of the skull, but does that REALLY make it much better?

I say NO!

Thank god, Mario Batali won this challenge!



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