Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Dinner for Daddy

We went out for Fun Daddy's birthday. Due to menu related issues, we ended up at a local favorite, Almond. We have eaten here a bunch of times before. It really isn't a place for kids, but they are flexible and have always accomodated our girls. They are good diners after all. Plus they have a lot of side dishes and sandwiches that can appeal to those under the age of 12.

Here are a series of pictures that I took that evening. Fun Daddy felt that the appetizers and side dishes somewhat outshone the main courses, but that is because he did not order the steak frites with bordelaise sauce and marrow. That was outstanding! The girls and my MIL ordered the croque monseigneur... a traditional French sandwich of grilled ham (jambon) and cheese (grueyere). This version was topped with a mornay cheese sauce and served with pickled vegetables. The girls ordered the frites as well.

The wine that we ordered included a provencal rose, Domaine Ott, and the Burgans Albarino. These were very tasty.

The one problem that we did have was our waiter, a beautiful, tattoo'd and sadly somewhat dim asian boy. He brought a glass of the rose instead of the bottle and we waited about half an hour for wine to be brought to us... it was a downside. But at least he was decorative. Sigh.

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