Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk like a Pirate Day

Well ok...

I am not going to Talk Like a pirate... But lately I have been drinking like one!

When I was out on Long Island, I stopped at a little local liquor store where I found this strange looking bottle of rum... first off, it was 375ml (thank god, it comes in larger sizes). The gentleman who ran the shop, while applauding my new summer hat (the only hat that I have ever found that looks attractive on me... which is helpful for a person who WANTS to be a hat person) told me that this selection was a genuine sipping rum.

Now, I have heard these claims before. But I have never have truly experienced one.

Well, this is it!

It is sweet and spicy and subtle. I loved it. AArrgh!

Now, I have found another bottle, here in Chicago. And every evening I take a snifter. My one complaint? It is volatilizing much faster than I would have thought. On the plus side though, it makes it sweeter and more liqueur like.

Ahhh... the Pirates life for me!

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Blogger MMH said...

I love reading your posts. Don't know why but this one made me laugh out loud. Guess it's your turn of phrase. Happy to know about this rum. We grew up with rum in Aruba. Not heard of this one.

10:55 PM  

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