Saturday, April 28, 2007

Liquid Gold

We had this recently at David Burke... Liquid gold is the only correct description.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Cool design!

I love cool looking stuff and this certainly qualifies.

I am not entire entirely certain why I would need a these devices to be able to roll down the table but can appreciate it that it does.

The only problem with this item? The cost -- around $140.

If you can figure out what it is and what it is for you can order this at Grand Illusions.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yummy Soda

We were at the favorite Mexican place tonight… Imelda order the Jarrito with the tamarindo flavor. I asked one of the Marias (Maria Elena, specifically) how it is tamarind became both a Mexican and Asian flavor. She was surprised to find that it was popular in Asia as well… Well, it is in Thailand, Fun Daddy and I told her…. There must be some connection.

And it turns out that there is… it is native to Africa.. particularly to Madagascar’s dry tropical forests.. and is wild in the Sudan… of course, geographically speaking Madagascar is a hop, skip and a jump to Asia… Particularly to India

With the Portuguese so active in trading with India tamarind was eventually brought to Europe. Inevitably ending up being introduced into the Americas… especially Mexico and the Caribbean. In Mexico, tamarind is a popular flavoring in candies and sodas…. Like the Jarrito enjoyed by Imelda tonight. Although I have to say, that I find the link to Sino-Peruvian food flavored with tamarind even more interesting.. Which direction did the flavor get to South America from? From Asia with it obvious tamarind influences or from the European Spanish population…

I guess I will have to keep checking.

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Can Any One Explain This?

My 10 year old, Imelda gets a stomach ache every time she has a soda lately (pop or Coke for the rest of you, just to eliminate arguments). Well, almost.

See it turns out that she can drink Mexican sodas all night long (Which is NOT allowed). The Mexican sodas, Jarritos for example, are made with cane sugar. Not the high fructose corn syrup that American sodas use.

Has anyone else out there experienced stomach trouble from this stuff? Or is it just a coincidence?

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