Friday, July 20, 2007

Do you really need to ask why they call me a NERD?

Because I can win free drinks by outscoring YOU on an online trivia game!

That is why!

Yes, I outscored the owner of the restaurant that I ate lunch today, Hops & Barley and played a little Buzz Time... Then I see the magic words... win a free drink if you can outscore Presto! Presto's high score? 12,610.

15 Questions? 1000 points apiece... Yeah. I can do that. And I did.

Luckily many of the questions were food or history related. I breezed through the question about marscapone. I laughed out loud when I encountered the question about Karl Linne...

In the end?


Enough for the cocktail of my choice! Naturally I picked one that has been the topic of the week at my house... Once I found that the kids all give each other virtual cocktails on Facebook, and my daughter has received several Sex on the Beaches.. I knew that was the cocktail for me.

Sorry for the bad picture of it. My glee made me giddy. Nothing tastes as good as free liquor!

Sex on the Beach

  • 2 parts (4.0 cl) Vodka
  • 1 parts (2.0 cl) Peach Schnapps
  • 2 parts (4.0 cl) Orange juice
  • 2 parts (4.0 cl) Cranberry juice
Mix and pour into a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange slice.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Taking a Flight for Lunch

Fun Daddy and I love to eat out

stop snickering those of us who know us... yes, it is obvious.

Usually though, we have trouble getting out of the neighborhood for lunch. Mes filles are getting older though and able to stay in the house for a couple of hours without burning the place down or practicing their knife skills on each other. (knock on wood)

This week we stopped for lunch at David Burke's Primehouse. This restaurant has been the site of many a family dinner. Dinner that have been blog worthy (see Maman) because of both the food and the hospitality.

This last week we enjoyed a special that they running at the restaurant. They called it the
it 777 Luncheons. 7 Wines from 7 regions for $7. I was there for Spain day and loved it!

We started out with a Llopart Rose Brut Reserva Cava. It was light and full at the same time, rich with fruit. Then we moved on to a Do Ferreiro Albarino Rias Baixas, a white from Galicia that was dry and tasty but a trifle light for me during a meal. But I can imagine drinking it at a summer party.

Then came our favorite. The Bodegas Vizcarra Ramos "Roble" Ribera del Duero, it was full bodied and smooth and so tasty that we were very sorry to see the end of it. To balance this out was a fuller tempranillo in the more typical and macho style, the Rotllan Torra "Reserva" Priorat. The Vinas del Cenit was wonderful and tasty... a complete delight.

Finally was the Jorge Ordonez Malaga wine. This wine I loved as much for the taste as the story behind how it is created. Apparently this section of Spain is so dry that the grapes are allowed to dry. Don Ordonez has 5 different levels. The wine that we drank was a level one! Unlike other wines of this type there is no botrytis involved to sweeten/dry the grapes because it is too dry to develop mold. The wine was wonderful. It was sweet and delicious without being cloying.

Over all the wine flight to Spain was amazing and better yet? All the proceeds went to charity, Common Threads. Their mission is
is to educate children on the importance of nutrition, physical well-being and to to teach them to appreciate the world's culture by experiencing their food.

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